Herald JournalHerald Journal, June 7, 2004

New scoreboard planned for Lindstrom Park

By Dave Cox

New Germany may soon have a new electronic scoreboard in Lindstrom Park, the city council learned Tuesday.

Eric Roepke told the council that Viking Coca Cola of Hutchinson will donate the scoreboard to the city.

The New Germany Commercial Club will be responsible for providing posts to mount the board on, and for the cost of installation, Roepke said.

“I believe that we have enough money in our account and we will not have to ask the city for any money for this,” Council Member Shirley Jaeger stated. Jaeger is also a member of the Commercial Club.

The scoreboard will be located in the outfield, and a control box will be located near the first base dugout so scores can be input from there.

Power will need to be run to the scoreboard, and it will also be extended to the flagpole to provide lighting for the flag.

“Jesse Woytcke and I will do the wiring,” Roepke said.

The council approved a motion to allow the Commercial Club to go ahead with the project.

Black Forest plat approval still on hold

City Clerk Shelly Quaas gave the council copies of a letter from Dean Johnson of Resource Strategies regarding the application for final plat for Black Forest Estates Second Addition.

In the letter, Johnson stated that he found the final plat to be consistent with the preliminary plat, and he recommended approval with a few conditions, including engineering recommendations and a subdivision development consistent with the preliminary plat.

Quaas told the council that she had not spoken to Engineer Kreg Schmidt, who is reviewing the plans, so she had no update on that progress.

Water and Sewer Superintendent Bob Roepke asked if developer Sam Montgomery had met all of the conditions that the council asked for when they approved the preliminary plat. Quaas said that the city attorney was reviewing the application, and that the list of conditions was one thing he would be looking at.

Quaas said that she spoke to Marty Campion, engineer for the developer, and that he was interested in getting approval for the final plat as soon as possible so that they could move forward with the project.

Quaas said that she told Campion that she would put it on the agenda for each council meeting until it was approved, but that the council would not take any action until input was received from the city engineer and the city attorney.

Wet weather slows BB hoop project

Quaas told the council that she had been contacted by resident Jeff Fuller regarding progress on a basketball hoop that the Commercial Club was installing in Tower Park.

Quaas said she believed that one reason that the project had not been completed was that recent wet weather had made it impossible to apply markings to the court.

“Why can’t they just put the hoop down now so the kids can use it, and then do the stenciling later when the weather is dry?” Jaeger asked.

The council directed Quaas to contact Lyle Latzig about this possible solution.

“I was out by the location where they are going to put the new lift station, and after the heavy rains last week, there was water standing on that site,” B. Roepke said. “It is a very wet spot.”

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