Herald JournalHerald Journal, April 26, 2004

Storm photos

Hay elevator

Strong winds bent this hay elevator at the Clem Fiecke farm, several miles west of Winsted.


Strong straight-line winds destroyed a shed at CR Electric west of Winsted near Sherman Station Sunday night.

carrying metal

Several members of the Hanson family carry pieces of metal across McLeod County Road 9 from a shed roof that was blown away by the storm.

HT scoreboard

The scoreboard at Weinbeck Field in Winsted fell after Sunday's winds came through.

fiecke truck

Strong winds ripped the roof off this shed, owned by Tom Fiecke, west of Winsted.

remer van

Winds blew away Craig Remer's shed and did considerable damage to his vehicles and equipment.

nuemann grainery

Strong winds, hail, and heavy rain did a number on this granary, owned by Marvin and Marietta Neumann, located near Sherman Station.

neumann tree

Heavy winds split this tree at Marvin and Marietta Neumann's home near Sherman Station.

tree on trail

A tree covered the Luce Line State Trail following the heavy winds and rain.


Craig Remer looks at the damage done to his home and business from the storm. Neighbor Ron Artmann also stopped by to lend a hand. – Photos by Ryan Gueningsman.

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