Herald JournalHerald Journal, Aug. 23, 2004

Chad Kubasch in national trapshooting event

By Liz Hellmann

When Chad Kubasch, 16, from New Germany, sets his sights on a target, he usually doesn’t miss.

And that’s exactly how he became single and doubles champion in the junior division and overall junior champion this year at the Minnesota state trapshoot conducted in Alexandria last month.

Kubasch shot a perfect score, 200 out of 200, to capture the single championship, and shot 96 of 100 to win doubles champion.

After achieving junior champion he competed for overall champion, but lost in the fifth round shoot-off.

That qualified him for Grand American national event in Vandalia, Ohio, last week.

Kubasch is no stranger to the state competition, winning the handicap state championship in 2003, but his trapshooting career began years before he started competing at the state level.

Kubasch remembers shooting trap in his backyard when he was only eight years old with his brother Nick.

“It started with my grandparents. They used to shoot trap many years ago and got my uncle and dad to start shooting,” Kubasch said.

“It just sort of carried down from generation to generation.”

Kubasch competed for the first time when he was nine, but for him, it’s not all about the competition.

“It just started out as a family thing, once we started shooting more we started making more friends,” Kubasch said.

Kubasch also learned about trapshooting from Roman Sinnen, a family friend.

Sinnen, who still shoots, is 76 years old and is in the Minnesota Hall of Fame for trapshooting.

“I’ve gotten to know him over the last couple of years. He’s kind of like another grandpa,” Kubasch said.

Kubasch likes to go to shoots to socialize. “I have friends all over the state. It’s kind of neat to get to know all the different people,” Kubasch said.

Currently, he travels the state on an Amateur Trapshooting Association League in Watertown.

Kubasch also likes to shoot on his high school team in Watertown during the school year. “I want to get the word out that there’s a lot of opportunities for kids to get out and shoot. It’s a good clean sport,” Kubasch said.

Although Kubasch also participates on his high school football, wrestling, and baseball teams, he likes to keep trapshooting in his spare time.

In the winter, he shoots in a league in Waverly to socialize, and to get ready for next year’s state competition. But whether he’s competing in an event or just shooting in his own backyard, Kubasch aims to have fun.

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