Herald JournalHerald Journal, April 12, 2004

Local police investigating stolen Lester Buildings truck

By Ryan Gueningsman

Police are investigating the theft and recovery of a Lester Buildings pickup truck April 3, and two juveniles are facing felony charges as a result.

Apparently, early that afternoon, two juveniles jumped the fence at Lester Buildings and, because one wanted to learn how to drive a stick shift, they drove around the Lester Buildings parking lot, said Lester Prairie Police Chief Bob Carlson.

One juvenile allegedly accidently drove through a fence, and the two left the area with the truck. A Lester Buildings official reported the vehicle stolen, Carlson said.

Later that evening, after following tire tracks, Officer Paul Schermann came across what appeared to be the stolen pickup truck, with its lights on, parked near the wastewater treatment facility.

As Schermann arrived near the vehicle, the lights went out. The two individuals who were inside fled and Schermann called for assistance, Carlson said.

Four McLeod County deputies, a state trooper, Glencoe’s k-9 officer, and the Winsted Police responded and helped establish a perimeter.

After tracking the suspects south to the Crow River, the search was called off due to not knowing how deep the river was, Carlson said.

The case investigation has been completed and forwarded to the McLeod County Attorney’s Office. Two juvenile males are facing possible felony charges for the “joyride,” Carlson said.

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