Herald JournalHerald Journal, June 7, 2004

Council OKs wastewater upgrade

By Lynda Jensen

A variety of issues kept the Winsted City Council busy during its meeting Tuesday.

The council approved improvements to the wastewater treatment facility, following a presentation of options by Larry Anderson of Short, Elliott, Hendrickson, Inc. (SEH).

Anderson presented a description of the how the process would work from existing lagoons to the new sludge storage pond.

If the construction plans are submitted to the MPCA, it would require about one month before construction could begin, and would be completed in three months’ time.

Turning to other subjects, the council tabled a variance request from Beverly Schmitz at 121 Lake Ave. E. to construct a 1,200 square foot garage.

Council members asked about access to the structure, expressing a desire to give consideration to the rights of future property owners.

Mayor Don Guggemos suggested the city staff explore what other cities have for regulations before a final decision is to be made.

The council also asked the Schmitzes to submit an updated site plan, so a final description of where the garage would be could be determined.

The variance was tabled until the June 22 council meeting.

In other subjects, the public works department gave a summary of projects to the council, including rebuilding the retaining wall located near the city shop, mapping valves throughout the city, and installation of two basketball poles in the downtown area by the football field.

“They did a lot of work at Barrett Park,” Administrator Brent Mareck said. The council commended the department on the extra work.

The council noted that Dave Meyer completed a course on tree inspection at Bethel College and now is qualified as a tree inspector.

Odds and ends

In other subjects, the council:

• approved a designated truck route through the city, which was presented by the Winsted Police Department.

• discussed draft language for a proposed ordinance regulating driveways and parking lots.

Setbacks of two feet were discussed along with town homes vs. single residences. Of main concern was the avoidance of runoff from one property to another.

Quast also noted that camper trailers parked near intersections can block the view. This becomes a safety issue, Guggemos said. The council directed staff to make draft changes.

• cancelled a public hearing for that evening to adopt business subsidy criteria, and then set a new public hearing 7 p.m. Tuesday, July 6 to do the same.

• set a public hearing Tuesday, July 6 to consider changing 240 Lake Court of Winsted on the Lake fourth addition to Lake Court.

• authorized the Winsted Library Board to spend up to $1,000 on furnishings for the Winsted Library.

• appointed Jeff Jacobsen as the administrative intern for $8 per hour.

• raised the brush site monitor’s salary from $9.25 to $10, making it retroactive to Jan. 1.

• granted both on-site, Sunday liquor licenses and off-sale liquor licenses to Tom’s Corner Bar, The Woods Group, Inc. (Keg’s Bar), Blue Note of Winsted, Inc., J.F. Berger, Inc. (Bailey’s).

• granted a club license and Sunday liquor license to American Legion Post 407.

• set a workshop for the police department to discuss its future goals for 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 15.

• received a letter from the state saying that traffic studies indicate that a 45-mph speed zone is adequate for McLeod County Road 1. The council wished to have it lower.

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