Herald JournalHerald Journal, Mar. 22, 2004

Waverly group is a quarter of the way

Support Waverly, Inc., a grass roots economic development organization, is about one quarter of the way to gathering investors reported supporter Al Doering.

The group has set a goal of selling 100 shares at $500 per share. The majority of these funds are initially intended to help Pete’s Grocery make certain improvements to the store.

Those interested in keeping Pete’s Grocery and who want to support Waverly area businesses may invest in Support Waverly, Inc. by buying one or more shares, either individually or with friends or family members.

If you are unable to make an investment at this time, continued patronage and support of Pete’s Grocery is appreciated, as well, Doering said.

By buying shares of Support Waverly, Inc., investors are helping local businesses to keep going. Support Waverly, Inc. can then make no- or low-interest loans to Waverly area businesses, such as Pete’s.

Investors are not acquiring any ownership rights or shares of the local businesses themselves.

As a community-driven economic development organization, Support Waverly, Inc.’s sole purpose is to support local businesses.

Consequently, there cannot be any guarantee that investors will see any immediate or future return on their investment.

Questions regarding Support Waverly, Inc. can be directed to any of the following people: Al Doering (763) 658-7040, John Peterson (763) 658-4550, Jill Doering (763) 658-4206, Curt Desmarais (763) 675-3601, or Mike Gagnon (763) 658-4751.

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