Herald JournalHerald Journal, March 8, 2004

Council looks at connecting Luce Line Trail through Winsted

By Ryan Gueningsman

Coming into Winsted from the east on the Luce Line State Trail, one hits a roadblock upon reaching Kingsley Street South.

In summer months, there are signs directing bicyclists or joggers around a designated route through town and connecting with the trail west of Winsted, where it starts again.

In the winter, there are grant aid snowmobile trails that keep snowmobilers on the right path.

City council members heard a presentation from Kristy Rice, a trails and waters natural specialist with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR), about connecting the trail.

Ultimately it is the goal of the DNR to have the trail connected, as that makes it a lot easier to receive funding, Rice said.

“On a scale of priorities, this is something the DNR wants to finish,” she said.

Rice presented a potential trail route that includes a land swap with David Millerbernd.

The DNR would receive a stretch of Millerbernd’s land north of the airport runway, and also a stretch going north that would connect with the current trail just before reaching Ron Otto’s residence.

In exchange for this land, the land from Otto’s residence east that is currently developed as trail would be turned over to Millerbernd.

“I think people from the cities would bike out this way a lot more if it were connected,” council member Tom Ollig commented.

The council will work with Rice in contacting Millerbernd, and hopes to proceed with the plan to connect the trail.

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