Herald JournalHerald Journal, Dec. 6, 2004

Committee will plan Wright County’s 150th anniversary

By John Holler
Wright County Correspondent

Planning for the future is one of the primary components of being a county commissioner.

Whether it’s the months spent planning the coming year’s budget or looking years down the line for projects such as the new jail construction, it isn’t unusual for commissioners to look ahead, as well as the short-term issues that come up from one week to the next.

At the Nov. 30 Wright County Board meeting, the commissioners began preparing for a celebrationa long time in the making – Wright County’s150th anniversary.

Wright County was formed Feb. 20, 1855, by a territorial legislature, which governed the area. The county was named after Silas Wright, a politician from Orange County, N.Y.

Much of the county leaders’ business was to organize county government, as well as create school districts and begin road construction.

Wright County was created more than three years before Minnesota became the 32nd state in the union.

The question before the current county board was a request to form a committee to determine what celebrations, events, and exhibits there should be and when during the sesquicentennial year.

“There is likely to be a lot of interest in this, so maybe each commissioner should compile a list of people they think might be interested in serving on the committee,” Board Chair Pat Sawatzke said.

The commissioners gave several names of current and former county employees who will be asked to serve on the committee. No formal action was taken at the Nov. 30 meeting, but the Wright County Historical Society wants to have the committee up and running by the end of the year.

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