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Nov. 28, 2005, Herald Journal

Prevention starts with kids


Methamphetamine have become like the hands of the devil. It lures a person in, grabs a hold of them and rips them apart.

The only way to prevent this drug from getting into people’s hands is to begin with the children.

Recently, Hutchinson High School hosted former meth addict and suicide survivor David Parnell.

After being high on meth for years and doing it in front of his children, he decided to shoot himself with his wife lying next to him.

He survived the attempt and now he speaks out about the dangers and corruption of meth.

Several students passed out during the presentation after seeing photos of “charred faces and injured hands following meth lab explosions,” according to the Hutchinson Leader.

I think this is the best way to prevent this “epidemic” as it’s so readily called. We have to start by educating our kids. We have to save them.

This drug is so highly addictive even after one time. Like I said, it’s the devil.

Parents need to talk to their kids early about the damages of meth.

I don’t care how uncomfortable it is to talk about this subject, it’s probably similar to that of talking to kids about the birds and the bees, but it must be done.

In Tuesday’s Star Tribune, statistics from throughout the cities were listed. For example, “Dakota County has seen meth cases rise from a handful in 2001 to 446 charges of meth sale or possession last year.” In just four years this drug has sky-rocketed.

This is just as alarming as it is disturbing.

On a lighter side of this subject, on a recent episode of Saturday Night Live, there was a comical skit in which there was a talk show named “Good Morning Meth.” The host for that evening was Jason Lee from the new hit show, “My Name is Earl.”

The skit began with Lee sitting on a couch with his bathrobe on and his hair long and greasy and his eyes bugging out of his head. Next to him was one of the woman stars of the show who also had greasy hair with her eyes bulging out.

In the “kitchen” (what it’s called where makers produce meth) was the town mayor who was cooking up the meth.

I’m glad that Saturday Night Live took it from this angle. It shows how they are trying to prevent people from using meth by showing it like it is, but in a mocking way.

This is an important issue to talk about. We need to take it in our own hands if we want to save our children and our country, for that matter.

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