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Dec. 19, 2005, Herald Journal
Pastor's Column

Finding God is our Christmas miracle

By Pastor Ingrid Bloom, Montrose United Methodist Church

Christmas is a very special time. It is all about Christ’s coming to us.

It is a time filled with the appearance of angels, announcements, and possibilities.

Christmas reminds us that angels are present at birth and at death, and are our guardians during our lifetime.

Angels have an affinity with our soul. They are a helpful spirit, present and standing by. The angels in Scripture announce what is to be recognized and brought into our life on earth.

The angel Gabriel tells Mary, the mother of Jesus, something she doesn’t know: that she is especially favored by God. In Scripture, angels have announced momentous changes that have irreversible effects on a specific person and on the entire community.

Like a voice in a dream, the message of an angel carries an authority so in tune with the deep desire of our being, that though we may fear it, we must respond to its promise regarding our own intuited destiny.

When the angel tells Mary, “you shall conceive and bear a son,” Mary doesn’t hesitate to question and want to know more.

The angel Gabriel’s message for Mary is not that she must do something, but rather to listen to who she is, and accept herself as highly favored by God. You, too, can listen to who you are, and accept yourself as highly favored by God.

Mary responds, “I am the handmaid of the Lord.” She is receptive to the unknown, and makes herself available to God.

Christ’s coming is all about how your true self bonds with God.

Jesus’ coming changed things. No longer do we make offerings or sacrifices prescribed by rules or law to fulfill outward observances. Instead, God desires a true relationship with us based on the sincerity of our heart.

Mary trusts the source from which the impossible becomes possible. It is in this realm that our excitement, joy, and creativity find a home.

Finding God inside us is our gift and Christmas miracle from God. May the Christ in you and the Christ in me fill us with the great joy and hope that the angels foretold.

Merry Christmas to you and to all with whom we share our faith and abundance.

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