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Dec. 26, 2005, Enterprise Dispatch
Pastor's Column

My favorite tool received for Christmas

By Lyndon Korhonen, Good Shepherd Free Lutheran

Some of you are no doubt just now trying out a new tool you received for Christmas. If you had to vote for your favorite one—the one you would give up last—what would it be?

I am looking forward to using my new ratcheting box ends. I have looked at them for years, but just now found what I think was a good buy. I remember when I bought my reciprocating saw and used it to change a muffler. Oh, what satisfaction it gave to cut off that rusted tailpipe with power, rather than to hold a hack saw blade with a rag and try to keep it from bending. When I bought a random orbital sander, it made sanding “almost” fun. It was fast, and it amazingly left no scratches in the wood. But oh, what disappointment, it was when the sanding pad wore out, and I found out the company had discontinued that model and no replacements were available. I have tried to make one from something else, but am still unsuccessful. So now I regret having bought that brand, and it wasn’t cheap. Also I have come to appreciate a good quality chainsaw. It is rather nice not to work on it each night after I use it all day long. That is a sign of a well-made tool.

All things considered, I think my favorite tool would have to be the Bible. With it I can see my sin; with it I can know I am forgiven when I confess my sins. I can use it to diagnose root problems for others who come for counsel. I can use it as my guide in every area of life and not worry that it will be outdated or break down. It stays sharp, unlike my chainsaw, and so it is maintenance free. And when all else on this earth is burned and consumed, the Word of God will endure forever (Isaiah 40:8)

Enjoy using your new tools but don’t neglect that one that prepares you for the end.

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