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Jan. 10, 2005, Herald Journal

Can the BCS go away?

By Aaron Schultz

It is the dumbest thing in all of sports, and I just can’t stand it.

It really wrecks college football for me (the Gophers are a close second), and it makes no sense at all.

Of course, I am talking about the great Bowl Championship Series (BCS) rating system, which determines who is going to play for the NCAA Division I college football national championship.

Now, let us just cruise past the fact that every other level of college football, from Division I-AA to the junior college ranks have a playoff system in place.

Okay, so Division I has bowl games, not playoffs, fine. But, the BCS has even wrecked that.

We now don’t have a clear national champion, and the bowl games have lost much of their luster.

Which brings us to this year’s college football bowl season.

Yes, the mighty Gophers prevailed over an average Alabama team, despite head coach Glen Mason’s best efforts.

Can someone please explain to me what Mason was thinking when he had their punter take a safety with over a minute to play and the ball on the 15-yard line?

Sure, I could have seen it if there were say under 30 seconds to play, and the ball was on say the five-yard line, but on the 15-yard line with nearly two minutes to play it doesn’t make any sense.

I guess that is just good old Mason for you, a coach generations ahead of his time.

Of course the Gophers pulled the victory out despite Mason’s coaching, which is something special.

Anyway, back to the BCS, which continues to lay eggs in my opinion.

The only time they ever got it right, that I can remember, was the Ohio State/Miami national championship game a few years back.

And this year was the biggest joke yet.

Five teams in Division I ended the regular season undefeated – Boise State, Utah, USC, Oklahoma, and Auburn.

Well, Boise State had a pretty weak schedule, didn’t get into a BCS bowl game, and ended up losing to Louisville in a bowl game, I don’t remember which one.

So, for the sake of this argument, I will leave Boise State out of the discussion, but I still think that they should have had a shot at a championship.

Just because you may not be playing a very tough schedule, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a shot at a national title.

Look at every other division of college football, if you go undefeated, you get a shot at a national title, no mater who you beat.

Alright, back to the other four teams that were undefeated.

My question is this, how can they not even be playing each other.

Sure, USC and Oklahoma played in the Orange Bowl for the BCS National Championship, but that left Auburn and Utah on the outside looking in.

Then, these bowl geniuses don’t even put Auburn and Utah in a bowl game against each other.

So, USC crushes Oklahoma, while Utah and Auburn both also win, and that leaves us with three undefeated teams as the season comes to an end.

Am I nuts, or is there something really wrong with this set up?

I just can’t fathom how two teams that go undefeated for the season, accomplish everything that is in front of them, and still not get a shot at a national title.

Maybe it is just me, but shouldn’t have Auburn and Utah at least played each other, wouldn’t that have that made sense.

But I guess that the BCS doesn’t make sense, it just causes more problems than it fixes.

Yeah, and one last thing – how the heck does Texas get in the Rose Bowl, and a Pac-10 team, California, gets left out, and they have the same record.

Alright, that is enough for now, but you all should have gotten my point, right.