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Jan. 17, 2005, Herald Journal

Off for the weekend, yeah

By Aaron Schultz

Well, I don’t think anyone deserves a vacation more than myself right now, and you are not going to change my mind.

With that said, and I’m sure there are more than a few of my readers that would disagree, but I took one anyway.

This past week, I left Wednesday after work and headed to the tropical location of Duluth.

Yep, Duluth, where the weekend forecast was for subarctic temperatures, just what I like on a vacation.

Okay, so it is not really a true vacation, since I did go up there for a purpose.

The state dart tournament was in Duluth this year, so my teammates and I made the trek north, hoping to bring home some hardware.

While it is nice to get away for four/five days, it does mean I missed several basketball games, which did not get into this week’s paper.

So, if you turned to the sports, and see nothing more recent than Tuesday’s game, you now know why.

Yep, I was on vacation, and wasn’t around to get the stories written, or in the paper.

But, after last week, you might be saying, what is the big difference?

Last week was not my best week on the job, that is for sure.

I left out a few game stories, stories that I could have written, but either because of space or time, I didn’t get done.

Now, sometimes, I just won’t be able to get weekend games in Monday’s paper, not usually, but sometimes.

Meanwhile, I make every attempt to get every game during the week in the paper the following week.

Well, this past week, that did not happen, and it had nothing to do with any of the coaches.

All of the winter coaches I deal with are great, and always find the time to get me information and stats.

And how do I repay them? Well, I left a couple of game articles out of last week’s paper.

For that, to all of the fans, parents, and players, I would like to apologize, and just say that I’ll try not to let it happen again.

But, by no means blame the coaches, especially this year’s winter coaches.

Now, every season, their seems to be one, or maybe two coaches that are tough to get information from, but believe me, none of them are coaching this winter.

So, to all of the winter coaches who make my job so much easier, I would like to express my appreciation.

Alright, enough sucking up to the coaches, and back to my vacation.

Yep, Duluth, here we come, and for all of those readers who like a good dart story, tune in next week, when I am sure I will be giving a full account of the weekend.

As for those of you who don’t like my dart stories, aka Rollie Radtke, I will try to make it interesting enough that you might even enjoy it.

Anyway, I got to go, and remember, I’m on vacation, and that is why the sports section is a little weaker than normal.