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Jan. 24, 2005, Herald Journal

Just a rough weekend

By Aaron Schultz

Well, I’m back from my trip to Duluth, and I got nothing, and I mean nothing, to talk about.

Okay, so I have a little bit to talk about, but not nearly as much as I thought I would heading up there, or had hoped for.

The reason? Well, I was sick for much of the trip, and my dart team, Keg’s Killerbrews, had a less than stellar weekend.

If you didn’t know, I headed up to Duluth with my dart team two weeks ago to compete in the state dart tournament.

I was sick for the entire four-day weekend, some days sicker than others.

Besides being sick, which kept me from going out and doing much of what I normally would have done, we weren’t very good at darts either.

Now, not being very good at darts is not something unusual for us, but we usually have a single teammate to blame for it.

That teammate would normally be Jacob Schlagel, the X-factor as he is known on our team.

But, this year he didn’t even shoot in the team events, so now who do I blame?

I guess I can blame my entire team, including myself.

I shot bad, not horrible, but pretty bad, and as for the rest of my team, it was about the same.

Mike Kutz, Neil Schlagel, and Gregg Kohler, better known to many as either T-Cobb, Pretzel, Bubble Butt, High Pockets, Golden Boy, or a couple of other names I am forgetting, shot the same as I did, or worse in some cases.

All-in-all it was a very forgettable weekend, but it was still nice to get away, I just wish I wouldn’t have been sick.

That’s it, I was sick. That had to be the reason we never got in the money round, or won much at all.

Yep, me being sick, and not having the X-factor to blame when we had a bad game, must be the reason for our demise.

I had originally written a column for this week which described my entire trip, but I got bored reading it, so I didn’t want to thrust it onto my loyal, but maybe small, group of readers.

But, I do want to talk about one part of trip in particular, because it really depressed me.

Friday night of the tournament was the singles 501 tournament, and I was in a very low level, so I thought I had a chance to make some noise.

Well, I made some noise, but it wasn’t from anything I did.

I started out slow in the tournament, losing my first match, but then I heated up.

After running off a number of wins in a row, I was only a couple match wins away from getting into the money.

That is when I ran into a guy who was shooting about as good as I was.

In the best of three, we each won a game, setting up a tiebreaker, which would determine who would move on, and who would be done for the night.

Well, this guy, who’s name I don’t remember, did something I had never seen before.

In fact, I asked around the tournament, and no one I talked to had seen it before.

This guy opened up with nine straight bull’s-eye against me!

Nine straight, in level five, the second lowest level you could be competing in.

I had no chance, and was sent packing, it was just one of those weekends.

So, until next year, I guess I just need more practice.

Hum, maybe I should just find a new hobby, maybe I’ll get back into collecting baseball cards, or start fishing, something, because I sure can’t shoot darts.