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May 2, 2005, Herald Journal

My least favorite stadium

By Aaron Schultz

My least favorite stadium in Major League Baseball is also the only one I have ever been to.

Yep, that stadium would be the mighty Metrodome in Minneapolis where my beloved Minnesota Twins call home.

If you all don’t know, my favorite sport is baseball, and there is nothing better (for me) than watching a baseball game.

But, there is also nothing worse than heading inside the Metrodome on a sunny 80-degree day.

That is why the Metrodome is my least favorite stadium in the Major Leagues.

Sure, there is one other completely domed stadium in the Major Leagues – that being Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay – but I have never been there, so that is my second least favorite stadium.

Anyway, I got this book for Christmas called “The Ballpark Book,” and it goes through all of the stadiums in the Major Leagues.

So, I thought it would be fun to make up my own list of stadiums that I would like to travel to to watch a Major League Baseball game.

With that said, I am starting with my least favorite stadium, which you now know is the Metrodome.

I have had the privilege of playing, coaching, and watching many games at the Metrodome.

It started in high school when we played at the Metrodome once a year, and then moved to college where we would play three or four games there a year.

Now, as a coach at Lester Prairie, we have continued to play there once a year.

I do have to say that the new turf makes a huge difference.

Back, before the new turf was installed it was like playing on concrete.

The old turf was terrible, and there were spots around the walls that no longer had turf, and you actually walked on cement.

While the new turf has made a huge difference, the Metrodome is still a stinker in my book.

I hate playing inside, and when you are there watching a game the seats are way too close together.

Now, I just hope that the new stadium plan the Twins and Hennepin County proposed goes through, and everyone in Minnesota will be able to go to outdoor baseball starting in 2009.

Below are some tid bits about the Metrodome:
• Dave Winfield had his 3,000th career hit in the Metrodome as a member of the Twins in 1993.
• Cal Ripken Jr., playing for the Baltimore Orioles, had his 3,000th career hit in the Metrodome. I was at that game.
• Detroit’s Rob Deer had consecutive at-bats in which he hit pop ups that hit off the ceiling and were caught by Twins’ shortstop Greg Gagne May 30, 1992.
• The site of the 1985 All-Star game, which the National League won 6-1.
• Chili Davis hits towering fly ball that bounces off a speaker, and falls to Orioles second baseman Mark McLemore, transforming a sure homer into an out, July 5, 1992.
• Oakland’s Dave Kingman hits ball into one of the roof’s drainage holes, and it never comes down, resulting in a ground-rule double, May 4, 1984.
• Milwaukee’s Ben Ogilvie hits longest home run in the Metrodome – a 481 foot shot into the second deck, July 27, 1983.
• The Twins have never lost a World Series game in the Metrodome.
• The first Major League game at the Metrodome was April 6, 1982. The Seattle Mariners beat the Twins 11-7.
• The Metrodome is named for Waverly’s Hubert H. Humphrey, who was the mayor of Minneapolis, a United States Senator, and the Vice President of the United States.