Herald JournalHerald Journal, Oct. 17, 2005

Waverly and Montrose city limits meet

By Liz Hellmann

Staff Writer

Due to recent annexations, the city limits of Waverly and Montrose will touch each other, pending annexation approval by the state. In fact, both cities would have shared a road, had Waverly Council not acted as it did during the regular meeting Oct. 11.

The city limits will touch on the south side of Highway 12, near Wright County Road 110.

Windgate development, located in that area, proposed one road going into the development. Due to the recent annexation request of the Mendi Rafian-Nainai property to the City of Montrose, Waverly and Montrose will touch and would have both owned a part of the road going into the development.

This would mean both cities would be responsible for construction and upkeep, which could get complicated.

“We recommend our road be kept separate from Montrose,” Adrian Duske of the planning and zoning committee said.

During the meeting, the Waverly council approved a plat amendment allowing two access roads into the development, and a change to the layout so neither of the roads would be shared by the cities.

New permit passes

In an attempt to add more flexibility to zoning ordinances, Craig Smith and Duske appeared before the council on behalf of the planning and zoning committee.

Duske and Smith proposed an amendment that includes the use of interim permits and more types of residential zoning, among other things.

“Interim permits allow you to set ownership requirements to keep things from snowballing,” Duske said.

Prior to this meeting, the city used conditional use permits, which would apply to a property even if it changed owners.

The interim permit would allow the city to extend a permit that would expire after the land changed hands. The city could also impose a time limit on an interim permit, after which it would expire.

“They also created more types of residential zone districting; right now, we have only one,” city clerk Deb Ryks said.

The additional residential zone districting allows for larger individual lots.

The council unanimously approved the amendment.

Developing standstill

A development agreement between the City of Waverly and landowners Joe DesMarais and Tim and Sandy Stasson concerning their properties along the Waverly Railroad Addition has not been fulfilled by the property owners.

The agreement between the city and the owners was that the land would be developed in one year’s time. The one-year time frame has passed, and the land is not developed.

“We are still attempting to get clear title, we are basically in a hold position,” Curt DesMarais said, who spoke on behalf of DesMarais at the council meeting.

The property along the railroad was bought from the state, and has to go through a quiet title because of an invalid land description, according to Ryks.

While the land the city owns along the railroad has gone through quiet title, the land bought by DesMarais and the Stassons has not; a process that can take several years.

“Joe is working on plans, but can’t go ahead until he gets quiet title. He is working on it as diligently as the railroad will allow,” DesMarais said.

The council requested both parties send copies to the city regarding progress made.

“Just copy us on what is happening, so we are aware,” Mayor Charlie Bush said.

Odds and ends

In other business, the council;

• summarized a closed meeting conducted Sept. 29, stating quarterly performance evaluations of Parks Superintendent Jim Woitalla and Clerk-Treasurer Debbie Ryks took place.

• approved a variance application, following a positive recommendation by the planning and zoning committee, for an addition to the home of Aaron Ketcher, located at 602 Atlantic.

• renewed the Waverly Lions Club charitable gambling license, and approved a one- to four-day on sale liquor license for a dance to be conducted by the Lions club in the Village Hall Saturday, Oct. 29.

• after conducting a public hearing, approved a utility easement vacation for a lot abutting Highway 12, located in the Waverly Railroad Addition.

• approved an annexation request by Jim Peterson of Trailhead Development for approximately 176 acres of land into the City of Waverly (the former Don Douglas property).

• approved a Van Riper-Wichmann annexation request of approximately one and a half acres of land abutting Little Waverly Lake along Wright County Road 8.

• approved the final plat development agreement for 17 lots in the Spring Meadow Development, contingent upon engineer’s and staff approval of construction plans and development agreement.

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