Herald JournalHerald Journal, Feb. 28, 2005

New Howard Lake business adds polish to industrial park

By Teresa Jagodzinski

A new business just arrived in Howard Lake that adds a bit of spit and polish to the industrial park.

Advanced Cleaning Contractors, owned by Greg Jodzio and Ken Zeik, opened their door last month.

The men have more than 75 years of combined janitorial industry experience.

There are two areas to their business, contract cleaning and a special commercial floor finish, which they sell to contractors.

For the cleaning end of the business, the men pride themselves in using safe, proven, green chemicals, and specialize in office buildings, health care, industrial, retail, and multi-tenant residential units.

All areas of cleaning are covered, from floors, to dusting, and to emptying the trash.

The second area of the business is Cart-Coat Manufacturing, a special finish.

The duo produces a floor finish applicator which is sold to contractors in the cleaning industry to use in schools, hospitals, and commercial businesses.

The opportunity arose last October for the men to buy Cart-Coat. “We knew enough about the cleaning industry, and we knew we could succeed at it,” Zeik said.

Zeik lives in Plymouth and Jodzio in Hutchinson, so Howard Lake was a good middle point for them, and the rent was reasonable.

Zeik added, “ We are glad to work with and support the local businesses.”

Jodzio and Zeik have known each other since 1977, when they began working together at the same company.

Their 20 to 30 years of experience at that company in different areas gave them the knowledge that they use to run their own business.

“It’s a nice change from the corporate world to owning your own business,” Jodzio and Zeik remarked.

They don’t miss the many trips to the airport, and the commute to the cities. “This is a much nicer commute,” they said.

In order to obtain business, they send out brochures and e-mails to prospective customers.

“In the cleaning industry, everybody knows everybody,” they remarked, “which will help the business take off and grow.”

“We hope to expand our business to this area, and then hire people from this area to do those jobs,” they said.

Their phone number is (320) 543-2055, and their e-mail address is ACCMinnesota@aol.com.

Their web site is currently under construction.

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