Herald JournalHerald Journal, Aug. 8, 2005

Montrose-Waverly Expo moved back to fall

By Lynda Jensen

The annual expo for Montrose and Waverly will come full circle as it is scheduled this year in the fall instead of spring, as it was during its first year.

“We decided to go with fall again,” commented Kent Houston of the Montrose Waverly Chamber of Commerce.

The fall was chosen to avoid other expos in surrounding communities, said Dawn Olchefske of the chamber.

Headliners this year will be DoJo Karate of Buffalo, and a return of the high-energy dance of Barbara Lee’s dance studio of Hutchinson.

This time, there will be plenty of room for the performances, since the newly remodeled Montrose elementary school will be available.

The school is looking into some kind of

Expo-goers in the past may remember being squashed into the elementary school in 2003, with vendors and performances nearly touching each other at points.

This time around, performances will be limited to 20 minutes and should enjoy plenty of room, Jim Tourville of the chamber said.

The location rotates every year between Waverly and Montrose.

The expo, which is set for Saturday, Sept. 24, will feature a free pancake breakfast to enhance attendance.

“Our goal is to double our attendance from the previous year,” Olchefske said, noting that last year’s attendance was about 250.

Registrations for booths are being accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Donations to local food shelf are appreciated. Sponsors of this year’s event include Kristall Homes & Development, Montrose Family Chiropractic, and Orion Farm.

Registrations are being accepted now

Businesses interested in hosting a booth at the Montrose Waverlly expo set for Saturday, Sept. 24 may call Dawn Olchefske (763) 658-7016 or Kent Houston (763) 658-4417, ext. 35.

Registration forms may also be downloaded at www.montrosewaverlychamber.com

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