Herald JournalHerald Journal, Feb. 7, 2005

Teens' Bible study group growing

By Heidi Stutelberg

If beauty is as beauty does, then there is a group of Lester Prairie girls that have it all.

The group, called Christian Sisters in Lester Prairie or CSILP, is a non-denominational ministry that is gaining popularity for eighth grade girls, providing Christian fellowship.

Theresa Quernemoen and Jane Holasek started brain-storming the idea of a Christian outreach for teenage girls last summer and were able to form a group which started meeting November.

Almost every member is from a different denomination, and before CSILP was created, some of the girls did not know the others were Christians.

“We felt the need to do something to help teenage girls,” said Holasek

“Every other Sunday evening, CSILP meet at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church with an average of six girls attending.

One of the members, Katie Larson, said, “It draws us all closer to each other and to God.”

The girls have a chance to talk about girl stuff, faith, family, and boys, along with prayer requests. “We’re confidential – what’s talked about stays here,” Quernemoen said.

Holasek and Quernemoen are currently taking the girls through a devotional and Bible study guide titled, “Girls of Grace,” written for teenage girls. The girls look up various scripture and discuss how the word can be applied to today’s times concerning Godly decision making.

“Girls of Grace” encourages girls to plant the seed of God and to surround themselves with good friends and family.

Along with studying scripture, CSILP have gone caroling and gave Christian literature to shut-ins.

Recently, they helped with Kids Against Hunger at the Lester Prairie Community Center.

Also at a previous meeting, Amy Schultz of Creative Looks, spoke about the current hair styles girls wear. Holasek and Quernemoen then led a discussion on inner and outer beauty.

At a future meeting, CSILP are planning to invite a Mary Kay consultant to demonstrate make-up application and next month they are planning a sledding party in Hutchinson and will be inviting their friends.

The group is not exclusive to eighth graders, but for more information about attending the eighth grade CSILP meetings or starting another CSILP ministry of a different age group, contact Theresa Quernemoen at (320) 395-2795 or Jane Holasek at (320) 395-2780.

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