HJ/EDEnterprise Dispatch, Nov. 28, 2005

Dassel man’s business gets Highway 12 frontage

By Roz Kohls
Staff Writer

Aaron Hobert is moving his water treatment business to a site along Highway 12 and First Street in Dassel.

Since 2003 Hobert worked from his home in the Lake Stella/Washington area, and traveled to his customers, where most of his work is done on-site.

His business is called Hobert Water Treatment & Conditioning and a sign now hangs about the garage next to Charger Travel. The garage previously was part of Bob Ahlgren Electric, Hobert said.

Hobert’s wife, Heather, is secretary to both his water treatment business and Bob Ahlgren Electric.

Hobert became interested in the water treatment business in 2000. His parents own Hobert Sales of Cokato. They sell dairy equipment. Water treatment is a line that naturally branches from the dairy equipment business, he said.

Hobert advises his customers who have iron in their water and significantly hard water to get a quality water treatment unit. Hobert tests the water for calcium and other chemicals first and then comes up with a solution for each customer individually, he said.

Some water softeners need iron filters, Hobert added.

It’s time to call Hobert “when you’re fed up with the iron in the bathtub and the hard edges on everything,” he said.

Hobert said the Dassel area has significant hardness and iron in its water. When his wife was growing up, she regularly had Malibu treatments to get rid of all the iron that had accumulated in her blond hair, he said.

“Living in the country, I thought that was just the way it was. Little did I know a chemical-free iron filter would have been the ticket to never having to spend that monthly dime at the salon,” she said.

Hobert said some of the water problems he solves include iron staining, hard water deposits and water that smells bad. He services all makes and models.

Hobert also provides a four-stage reverse osmosis system so his customers can get pure drinking water at the tap. He said carbon filters at the tap only take out the taste and cover up the smell. They don’t take out the organic pollutants the way a reverse osmosis system can.

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