Herald JournalHerald Journal, June 13, 2005

Kappel-Sather enjoys homecoming as she plays at Winstock

By Ryan Gueningsman
Staff Writer

Following a bout with thyroid cancer in January, Connie Kappel-Sather returned to Winsted to kick-off the Winsted Country Music Festival June 2.

Kappel-Sather, the daughter of Fran and Carol Kappel, is a Winsted native who graduated from Holy Trinity in 1985.

“I had some great instructors,” Kappel-Sather said. “I was very lucky to be a part of the best music ensemble in the area at that time.”

She then went on to the University of Minnesota where she studied songwriting, theory, percussion, voice, and conducting, and began playing country music in 1988. She played with local favorite Drover in the late 1980s, and has played in several other bands since.

Since her run-in with thyroid cancer, which did affect her voice, Kappel-Sather has been working with a vocal specialist “to get back on track.”

“I’ve been playing drums and singing as much as I can,” she said. Following 21 rounds of radiation to nip her cancer, she went three times a week for two months to Voice Center at Riverside, where her worked on her voice and other means of physical therapy.

“This cancer threw me for a loop,” she said. “I couldn’t sing a note or talk for a while.”

A fresh start for Kappel-Sather also brought about the name of her band – Connie Kappel-Sather and About Time.

“It’s come from many years in the making,” she said. “This band and its musicians come from all over with decades of experience between all of us.”

Kappel-Sather is currently a full-time musician, working with her bandmates on songwriting, and said she hopes to have a CD out in the near future, as well as getting more shows scheduled.

She said she hopes to be back at Winstock 2006, and said she’d like to play the festival Friday or Saturday night, rather than Thursday, when more people are at the event. With Winstock being her first major show since her cancer, she said she was glad it could be in front of a hometown crowd.

“They took a chance on us,” Kappel-Sather said. “It was nice to be home. I was tired afterwards – but it was worth it.”

For booking information on Connie Kappel-Sather and About Time, contact Mike Horgan at (612) 408-4414 or Kappel-Sather at (612) 870-9348.

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