Herald JournalHerald Journal, Feb. 7, 2005

Events planned to commemorate HL library's centennial

By Lynda Jensen

A special postmark by the post office and numerous other events are being planned to honor the centennial year of the Howard Lake Public Library.

Plans include special events to coincide with Good Neighbor Days in June, a rededication ceremony, float in the parade, and an historical exhibit, among other things.

“We have great scrapbooks, ledgers, and photos available,” commented volunteer Sue Claessen, who is part of the Friends of the Library club.

The paper work has been turned in requesting approval for a special pictorial cancellation by the post office, she said.

A commemorative quilt is also in the works.

“It will be a bookcase holding books. As a fundraiser, people may have their names or organizations appear as the book title on the spines of the books,” Claessen said.

“Instead of a traditional rectangular quilt, we are planning on a series of wall hangings, each being one shelf,” she said. The plan is to encircle the library near the ceiling, more or less depending on the number of sponsors.

“We are working on a plan to present to the city concerning the lot north of the current building. A green space with a few benches and bushes and shrubs is the preliminary plan,” she said.

“The Friends don’t have that kind of money to pay for all the dirt and concrete work so the city will be a big part of the project,” she said.

“Some memorial money from a local resident’s funeral has already been donated for a commemorative bench.”

What else?

The second Internet station at the Howard Lake Public Library is up and running.

“We are planning to hold a few ‘mini’ book sales in the library,” Claessen said.

The library will have a special theme for February, “Romance on sale at the library.”

There is also a new flashing stoplight in the library, which is a fundraiser for children’s furniture. The four-foot tall light has already gotten contributions, she noted.

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