Herald JournalHerald Journal, June 27, 2005

Lifestyle Furnishings

By Ryan Gueningsman

Making a lifetime dream come true, Greg and Linda Wax of Lester Prairie recently opened Lifestyle Furnishings at the intersection of Highway 7 and McLeod County Road 9, just north of Lester Prairie.

The couple felt this undertaking is something they would always do – they both enjoy architecture and design, and said furnishings have been an interest of theirs for many years.

The Waxes and their four children moved to Lester Prairie from Blaine about eight years ago because of the feeling of “openness” and sense of country living without being far from the necessities.

“That’s why a lot of other people are moving out here, as well,” Greg said. “With all of the growth in our area, furniture was a natural fit.”

Lifestyle Furnishings is something the Waxes have been working at for quite a while, methodically looking at various products, name brands, and conducting interviews to see which ones would best fit the standards they are trying to achieve.

The business now offers mattresses, bedroom sets, upholstered furniture, dinettes, home accents, a full line of linens, as well as central air conditioning and energy efficient furnaces, and a line of lighting fixtures.

“There are not many lighting stores for a great distance from here,” Greg said.

In purchasing the brands they wished to sell at their store, both Greg and Linda stressed they try to find as many things as they can that have been manufactured in the United States.

“In some markets, there’s no choice,” Greg said. “But, for the most party, we want to find as many things that are made in America as we can.”

Linda also said the two will go the extra mile to try to find a piece of furniture or accessory that the customer may want, but not see in the store.

“Customer service is the main focus for us,” she said. “Our business is really designed to be built on customer service.”

At the store, the Waxes’ four children, Greg Jr., Stephen, Caroline, and Danielle, have all been instrumental in getting the store off the ground.

The Waxes currently have two employees who help at the store on an “as-needed” basis – James Kiekhaefer and Jake Prehn of Lester Prairie.

Improving the building that their business is housed in was also a priority for the Waxes, as they worked closely with owner Randy Stodola of Mayer to install new flooring, windows and doors, lighting, and air conditioning. The building formerly housed Treasure Hunt and Country Treasures, which were both consignment shops, but the Waxes have all new products in their store.

Before entering the furniture industry, the Waxes owned a computer consulting company, and also both enjoy traveling, antiquing, photography.

Lifestyle Furnishings is open for business Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. There is also a July 4 special the weekend prior to the fourth that’ll feature snacks and refreshments, as well as specials on items at the store.

The business also has a web site, www.lifestyle-furnishings.com, and can be reached at (320) 485-2633.

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