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July 2005 stories

July 25

HLWW names new site in Victor Twp. for school

Antique gown passed through five generations

HL native given top chef

Krueger appeals

LP unveils plans for new district activity center

July 18

Famous photographer zooms in on local horse

Lakefront center in Winsted possible and affordable, officials say

A too-young expert on leukemia

Youth from five churches pick up paintbrushes

Recycling going to five-sort system in McLeod County cities

July 11

Honey comes naturally for this local beekeeper

An old car given new life

Work-at-home offers can promise thousands, but often end in red ink

HLWW working on land deal for new school

Chuck Thiel and Jolly Ramblers release two new CDs

Remains of Winsted man's relative returned from North Korea

July 4

45 rides on 'Wild Thing' not enough to win car

Hometown hero Liz Schwarze is thankful she has time to volunteer

Stifter family has first reunion since 1938

Herald Journal buys Enterprise Dispatch

Duo donates hair to Locks of Love for hair-loss patients

Lester Prairie is halfway point for coast-to-coast bike riders

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