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June 2005 stories

June 27

Lifestyle Furnishings

HLWW tweaks plans for fall ballot

Winsted council OKs Sheehan's second site plan

June 20

Ken Durdahl elected to high position with Ducks Unlimited

Nordschow gets Montrose council appointment despite objections

Winsted youth injured in car accident

Waverly Council deals with growing pains

Commercial Collectors forgets the commute, sets up shop in Montrose

Marysville - a township growing by leaps and bounds

Internet advertising: a new option in Minnesota for online ad agencies

June 13

Heavy winds, rain destroy shed, down trees, and leave many without power

Kappel-Sather enjoys homecoming as she plays at Winstock

Song inspires Winsted native Carlson to come out of retirement

Local agent is offering free insurance to low income people

Machemehls will be riding in this year’s parade instead of driving

New school in future for Montrose

June 6

School cook charged with 8 felonies in Waconia threat case

Winsted rejects site plan for new chiropractic office

Wright County planning big events for 150th anniversary

Retired lumberyard worker becomes ribbon-winning needlepoint artist

8th Polka Festival ready for June 9-11

Triple T Race Products looks to flag down local business

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