Herald JournalHerald Journal, March 14, 2005

LP adds support to county redistricting effort

By Ryan Gueningsman
Staff Writer

Walking away with what he came for, Doug Krueger of Glencoe received the City of Lester Prairie’s official support of his lawsuit that is attempting to get McLeod County redistricted.

Krueger appeared before the council last Monday to ask its support in the lawsuit, which will call for McLeod County to be redistricted on a more even basis if it succeeds. What's in it for YOU?

Krueger filed the lawsuit in July, and said his main aim is fairness, reported the McLeod County Chronicle.

Krueger said the redistricting in 1992, and again in 2002, gave the Hutchinson area an unfair advantage with control of three commissioner seats on the five-member county board.

That created an inequity since Hutchinson makes up about one-third of the county population, yet has three-fifths of the county commissioner seats.

He claimed the inequity began in 1992 when the City of Hutchinson trimmed its five precincts to three, with one county commissioner district aligned with each Hutchinson precinct.

Since beginning his quest for redistricting, Krueger has received support from the cities of Plato, Glencoe, Silver Lake, and Brownton, as well as Round Grove, Penn, Sumter, Glencoe, Helen, Winsted, and Hale townships.

“Hutchinson is overrepresented by controlling three commissioners,” Krueger said. “The needs are not the same for the City of Hutchinson as they are the rest of the county.”

The council passed a resolution supporting Krueger’s lawsuit. Krueger is on the City of Winsted’s council agenda for Tuesday, March 15 to ask for that city’s support.

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