Herald JournalHerald Journal, July 11, 2005

An old car given new life

By Teresa Jagodzinski

“What’s old is new again.”

That saying came true for Walt Marketon of Howard Lake on his birthday this spring.

His 1931 Model A pickup, which had been sitting in a shed collecting dust since 1963, was given to him as a birthday gift – completely restored.

Family and friends pulled the vintage vehicle out of the shed in the fall of 2004 and worked on it over the winter to get it done in time for his birthday.

He knew they were working on fixing it up. But he was very surprised when he opened the garage door on his birthday in order to park his truck – and found his shiny, black Model A truck parked there.

“They put a lot of work into it,” Marketon said.

Marketon bought the pickup in 1950 from Jerome Thiemann of Winsted.

“I bought it for the fun of it,” he explained. “ I took it out on Howard Lake to go fishing.”

Marketon had no plans to fix it up in all of the years that it sat in the shed.

“A guy offered me $1,000 for it, but I told him I didn’t need the $1,000, so I didn’t sell it,” he said.

“It was rusted, but not too bad,” Marketon explained.

Friends and family sandblasted the whole thing and overhauled the engine.

Many original features are on it – the dash, wheels, seats, lights, and horn.

“The Model A horn still works, and it’s not like horns on other cars,” said Marketon’s wife, Jackie.

It’s also not as roomy inside like modern vehicles. “It’s smaller than modern cars,” Marketon explained “it was hard to get my feet into it.”

Family and friends all admire the newly remodeled truck.

“They all wanted to drive it,” he said.

Right now, the car is having some final work done.

What are his future plans for it once he gets it back?

“To drive in the Waverly parade,” he said, “hopefully it will be done by then.”

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