Herald JournalHerald Journal, June 20, 2005

Marysville - a township growing by leaps and bounds

By Jenni Sebora

Growth, growth, and more growth. That’s what Marysville Township has been dealing with, as annexations have been a major part of the Marysville township board’s duties lately.

“Growth is coming our way. We accept it, and make the most of it,” Township Treasurer and Clerk Dorothy Rahn said.

“It (annexation business) goes in streaks. It’s busier now in the spring because construction season is here,” Rahn added.

As the cities of Montrose and Waverly are growing and housing developments are being built, land is being annexed from the township into these cities.

Marysville supervisor and longtime resident Dick Sawatzke feels the development is better off next to the township rather than in planned units.

“Development is going to happen,” Sawatzke said.

“It (growth and development) is the nature of the beast, but it’s best to go with it,” Rahn said.

Rahn noted that property on Highway 12 to Buffalo to County Road 8 to County Road 107 may become annexed into the cities of either Montrose or Waverly.

Although this growth is inevitable, it can be difficult for some residents who have lived in the township all their lives, Rahn noted.

“There are families who have had big pieces of land in their families for years and the land has been purchased and developed into housing units,” Rahn said.

To make the development/annexation process smooth and “orderly,” Marysville has an orderly annexation agreement with Waverly and is working on one with Montrose.

“We (the board and the city) spent a lot of time with the orderly annexation process, but it was worth it,” Sawatzke said.

“Montrose honors the orderly annexation process also,” Sawatzke said.

The orderly annexation process makes sure that development happens in an orderly fashion and that properties to be annexed are touching the cities.

“It ensures that there is no leapfrogging,” Rahn said.

“The orderly annexation agreement makes the annexation process smoother and easier. With the agreement, the developer or a landowner goes to the city to request the annexation, and the township signs the resolution to allow the land to be annexed,” Sawatzke said.

“Having the agreement with the city (ies), ensures that we’re all on the same page. We all know the expectations,” Sawatzke said.

“The orderly annexation requires that developers pay a per acre fee to the township,” Sawatzke explained.

“Most developers are more than happy to pay the fee to make the whole annexation process move more smoothly and quickly,” Sawatzke said.

With the growth and development, other duties of the township have increased also, including road maintenance.

“We have much more traffic because of the growth and consequently more road upkeep. The roads cost more to maintain,” Sawatzke said.

Maintaining the roads for Marysville is full-time road maintenance worker, Ron Boehlke.

“Clementa Avenue especially has been a challenge for Ron to upkeep because of all of the construction,” Rahn said.

To help Boehlke keep up with the road maintenance, the township has been in the process of upgrading its equipment, either purchasing new equipment or trading in equipment.

The township owns a big tandem dumper truck, a road grader with a packer, a pay loader, a smaller truck with a tipper box for smaller jobs, a tractor with a mower and some plows, Rahn noted.

The township also “upgraded” its town hall in 2000 by building a new town hall.

“For lack of better words the old town hall on Dempsey was basically falling apart. It was not usable. We now have a bigger shop and office,” Rahn said.

The township board also decided to combine the clerk and treasurer positions into one position, as an appointed position by the board, which Rahn presently holds.

Rahn became clerk in March 2004 and picked up the treasurer position. Her term is up in 2006, in which the position will then be appointed by the board, Rahn explained.

“It will be a hire/fire position – one which the person will hold until he or she resigns or is fired,” Rahn said.

During Rahn’s service as clerk/treasurer and Sawatzke’s time on the board as supervisor, chair, or vice chair, both agreed that working with the residents of Marysville has been a very pleasant experience.

To relay their concerns and cares, there are always constituents that attend the monthly township meetings.

“The have been anywhere from six residents attending to 12 to 15 residents attending township meetings,” Rahn said.

“We have caring, concerned residents in Marysville,” Rahn said.

Sawatzke agreed. “The constituents are very informative and concerned people.”

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