Herald JournalHerald Journal, Feb. 7, 2005

Winsted in metro calling area Feb. 10

By Lynda Jensen

Winsted callers will join more than two million other users in the Twin Cities area this week with metro calling service added to their basic phone service.

Metro calling enables people with Winsted prefixes to dial numbers in the Twin Cities without a long distance charge.

The change will take place at one minute past midnight Thursday, Feb. 10, said Tom Ollig of TDS Telecom.

Local calls to Lester Prairie will remain the same, with no additional charges for extended area service there, he said.

Phone numbers, including the area codes, will remain the same as before.

There will be an increase on telephone bills, $13.55 each line for residential flat rate service, and $21.75 for business flat rate.

The first phone bill reflecting the change will go out later this week. TDS users may choose an option that gives them an itemized bill with each number, if they wish, but they must call and request it, Ollig said.

There is no way to opt out of the metro calling feature, but users who are on limited incomes may take advantage of local measured service if they make infrequent phone calls, or use another option called the Telephone Assistance Plan.

Local measured service is popular with callers who like to pay as they go. About one quarter of Winsted lines use the local measured service.

There is, however, an increase for local measured service as well. Callers who call into the metro area will be billed a per-minute rate of 12 cent more for the first minute and .03 cents for each additional minute, in addition to what they are paying now.

If someone from the metro calling area calls a Winsted line, there is no long distance charge, Ollig said.

“This per-minute rate is lower than the long distance rate you paid before metro calling,” Ollig noted.

Those who are interested in obtaining a Minneapolis phone book may call Qwest at 800-422-1234. There may be a charge.

New Germany
Norwood Young America
Belle Plaine
Le Sueur
Taylors Falls
North Branch
Big Lake
Maple Lake
Howard Lake

Cities just outside the metro calling area

Lester Prairie
Green Isle
St. Peter
Cannon Falls
Red Wing
Silver Lake

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