Herald JournalHerald Journal, Jan. 17, 2005

Waverly considering new city offices

By Ryan Gueningsman
Staff Writer

Looking toward the future, Waverly City Council is beginning to move forward in new city office planning.

The city has expressed interest in a 2.7-acre piece of land located just south of Citizens State Bank of Waverly, currently owned by Stevens Drilling and Environmental.

Waverly Maintenance Supervisor John Rassat has been working with Ram Buildings of Winsted, which prepared a rough estimate for a proposed new city office on that plot of land.

For a building that would be 66 by 120 feet, a rough estimate was given by Rassat of about $800,000, which included the building, land, and parking lot. As a comparison, it was noted that the new Woodland Township building is 60 by 100 feet.

“The cost could go up or down,” Rassat said. “This is just a place to start.”

Rassat said the city would be better off building a big enough building right away, rather than having to add on in several years. The proposed facility would house city offices and the maintenance department.

The Waverly Fire Department has expressed interest in purchasing the existing city office facility, noted City Clerk Deb Ryks after the meeting.

She also noted that the city has not yet purchased the land, but it is being discussed with Stevens. At this point, Rassat felt the next step is going to be getting an architect and continuing to plan.

Floor drains prohibited?

A short discussion took place about whether the city wants to allow floor drains in private garages.

“It is the recommendation of planning and zoning that we not allow floor drains in private garages,” said planning and zoning liaison Adrian Duske. “They have a tendency to be misused.”

Council Member Deb Hausladen noted that when she had talked with a building inspector, he was in favor of them.

It was also noted that if the council were to enact such a policy, that an “effective of” date would have to be set soon because people are already getting permits for spring construction.

The council decided to table this issue until more feedback could be received from a building inspector.

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