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Internet advertising: a new option in Minnesota for online ad agencies

Online internet advertising has a new option available in Minnesota.

Starting this summer, members of the Minnesota Newspaper Association are launching a new web advertising program in which an advertising agency or other customer can place an online ad on newspaper web sites throughout the state with one simple order.

An advertising network already exists for highly-discounted print ads in Minnesota newspapers, known as the Minnesota 2x2 Display Ad Network.

Simply, an advertiser could place an ad (two sizes available) in participating newspapers, either statewide or broken down by telephone area code, with the metropolitan area functioning as one region.

Now comes the Minnesota Interactive Newspaper Network (MINN), which allows agencies and customers to purchase an add-on to the print ads which would appear on newspaper web sites throughout Minnesota.

As online advertising continues to increase, this program offers the traffic and credibility of newspaper websites. Because their content is updated frequently, and of interest to a large audience, newspaper web sites advertising is in high demand.

But prior to this, the only way to get those ads was through the cumbersome process of contacting each newspaper directly and dealing with the individually specificiations of each.

Now all the newspaper web sites can be reached with a single order.

This summer, a core group of newspapers is testing the program, with full implentation expected sometime in fall.

Initially, the MINN online advertising program functions as an add-on to print network – in other words, a customer must purchase the print ad in order to get the online option. There is a possibility that could change as the program develops.

Each participating newspaper that operates a web site agrees to designate one ad spot on its home page or other high-traffic page for a 120- by 60-pixel ad spot.

Internet ads, managed by the Minnesota Newspaper Association, then rotate in that spot, appearing on each individual newspaper’s site.

Because the print ad is required, only about 6-8 ad positions are available each week.

The online advertising is linked to either a customer’s own web site, or a version of the accompanying print ad. The Internet advertising appears for a full week on all newspaper sites, with no cap on page views, or extra fees for click-throughs, etc.

For pricing and more details, see the Minnesota Online Advertising web site at www.MnOnlineAds.com, or call marketing agent Herald Journal at Metro (320) 485-2535, or toll-free 800-567-8303.

For more information about the print ad network, see www.mnnews.com/2x2ads/ad2x2.html, or call the same numbers.

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