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Crucifixion quiz answers

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1) True. Matthew 21:8; Mark 11:8; Luke 19:36.

2) True. Mark 14:13; Luke 22:10. In Scripture, women normally drew the water. Seeing a man with a water pitcher would have been unusual and served as a sign.

3) False. The accounts in Mark 14: 15.16 and Luke 22: 12-13 state that the room was large.

4) True. Matthew 26:23; Mark 14:20.

5) True. Matthew 26:30; Mark 14:26.

6) False. Although Peter’s promise to be faithful is covered in more detail, the other disciples also assured Jesus of their loyalty. See Matthew 26:35 and Mark 14:31.

7) False. One popular portrait shows Christ kneeling next to a large rock with His hands folded, gazing up to heaven. Nevertheless, none of the gospels mention a rock. Luke does mention a stone, but only as a measure of distance (Luke 22:41). See also Matthew 26:39 and Mark 14:35.

8) True. Luke 23:7.

9) True. Matthew 27:29; Mark 15:17. The soldiers added to the Savior’s pain by beating His head with a reedstaff, apparently while He still wore the crown of thorns - Matthew 27:30 and Mark 15:19.

10) True. Matthew 27:30.

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