Herald JournalHerald Journal, April 4, 2005

HLWW voters approve both questions 2-to-1

By Lynda Jensen

Voters approved both questions on the mail-in ballot by a two-to-one margin for the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted School District Tuesday.

Election judges counted 3,170 ballots into the wee hours.What's in it for YOU?

Question one passed with 2,185 voting in favor and 978 voting against. It pertains to the funding of teachers, repairs, supplies and curriculum.

Question two passed with 2,086 voting in favor, and 1,073 against. It pertains to transportation funding and bus purchases.

“I have ‘envelope elbow’ today,” joked District Secretary and Election Judge Marilyn Greeley the next morning.

Ten election judges worked in shifts, opening envelopes and verifying ballots until 3 a.m.

The verification procedure greatly added to the processing time since it was a mail-in ballot. Usually this part of the election would be done on-the-spot during a normal walk-in election.

The judges reconvened the next morning to re-check numbers and certify the final tally.

The official numbers will be canvassed tonight at the HLWW school board meeting.

A precinct breakdown was not available due to the nature of the mail-in ballot, since there was only one polling location this time, Greeley said.

However, total figures for ballots cast in each county were available; 2,274 cast in Wright, 886 cast in McLeod, and 10 cast in Carver County.

Of 5,164 ballots sent out, 3,170 were returned as valid votes.

One hundred and eighty one ballots were rejected for various reasons, such as not being signed by the voter or witness, or having the voter’s address not properly filled out, Greeley said. Five votes were spoiled.

The levy will generate $720,000 in revenue for the school district for both questions.

“We’re going to still have to be frugal,” Supt. George Ladd said, noting that the money will not kick in until the year after next – and that the old existing levy from when Winsted was consolidated with the district will expire in 2007-08.

The increase in taxes for question one will be $100 per year for a $100,000 home, and question two $14 for the same.

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