Herald JournalHerald Journal, May 9, 2005

Sherman Photography open in Winsted

By Lynda Jensen

For Dennis Sherman of Winsted, taking pictures of a wedding or a senior portrait is more than a job, it’s his life endeavor.

Sherman recently opened a professional photography studio in his home, offering both digital and traditional film services.

In addition, he offers a web-based photo service as well, where patrons may view the photos before ordering them online.

“My favorite subject is people in general. They’re fun,” he said.

He captures the essence of personalities and takes time to render the best high resolution print possible for the job at hand.

Sherman also takes personality photos for business card use, with the added service of granting photo releases of the pictures for a fee, so the photos can be reprinted in other materials. This is something not available at other studios, he said.

For weddings, Sherman offers individually tailored packages that can be a mix of digital and traditional photos, depending on what the bride and groom want.

He is willing to take both formal photos as well as digital candid shots.

His candid coverage is exceptionally good because he has special equipment that allows him to take photos under poor lighting, at a distance, or under less-than-ideal circumstances.

Sherman also has special equipment for wide angle shots for architectual interiors, such as those required by real estate agents.

“If you have a specialty shot in mind, we have a way to do it,” he said.

Black and white photos for weddings are also an option, along with the usual color.

For senior portraits, Sherman offers several packages, with a number of print options to suit most budgets.

His price ranges from economy and standard packages to deluxe packages that feature environment shots, taken at the location of choice.

Good pictures and high resolution are his prime focus with everything. “It’s all about lighting,” he added.

His prints range from very small to very large, with the ability to go up to 20x30 while retaining exceptional detail.

Each picture tells a story. His personal portfolio is bulging with a wide range of pictures – everything from action shots of the Minnesota Twins taken with a telephoto lens, to still life.

For a sample of his work, go to www.sherman-photography.com. His hours are by appointment, and his number is (320) 485-3396.

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