Herald JournalHerald Journal, March 14, 2005

LP woman, Christi Paulson, heading to national contest

By Lynda Jensen

With high hopes of capturing national recognition, Christi Paulson of the Lester Prairie area climbed onto a plane Friday with 10 other Bethel University students headed to Los Angeles.

If successful, she will earn national honors for persuasive speaking as part of a forensics team from Bethel in her very first year of taking part in this activity.What's in it for YOU?

“She loves speaking in front of people,” commented her mother, Cathy Paulson.

In fact, the college sophomore is probably more comfortable parked in front of a crowd than talking one-on-one with people, Cathy said.

Christi remembers Bob Henning’s drama productions at Lester Prairie High School as being a springboard for her speaking confidence.

Before Christi hit nationals, she spoke about subjects such as Pick’s Disease, which is similar to Alzheimers, Cathy said.

Christi is competing in a “reader’s theater” group as part of the forensics team.

This same team secured second place in the Minnesota Intercollegiate Forensics Association state tournament hosted by Bethel last month. Eleven other universities attended the event, which was hosted by Bethel for the first time.

During state competition, Christi took seventh place in prose interpretation and in oratory.

Christi may place either in the group competition, or as an individual, at the Christian College National Tournament at California Baptist University near Los Angeles.

Results will be known by the end of today.

Christi also plays softball for Bethel, much the same as for Lester Prairie in the past.

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