Herald JournalHerald Journal, Oct. 24, 2005

TriLite Stone newest business in Howard Lake

By Liz Hellmann
Staff Writer

When businessman Len Przybylski sees an opportunity, he seizes it. Which is what led him and partner Jim Wheelock to buy TriLite Stone company, and then relocate the business to Howard Lake.

“I like the product, I could see it was becoming a trend,” Przybylski said.

TriLite stone manufactures and installs veneer manufactured stone. The stone can be used for commercial buildings, hotels, fireplaces, and homes.

The company was started in 1990, and Przybylski and Wheelock bought it in 1996.

Przybylski, himself, has a general business background, has helped start a couple of companies, and is owner of a Green Mill restaurant.

As Przybylski had predicted, the product demand began to grow.

“We needed to expand,” Przybylski said. After looking at different options, Howard Lake became the new home of TriLite Stone in August.

“It was a building that really suited our needs at a better cost than the metro area,” Przybylski said.

Przybylski and Wheelock are currently leasing a manufacturing building on the west end of Howard Lake, north of Highway 12.

TriLite manufactures a cement product with a synthetic covering that replicates the look of natural stone.

The properties of cement make the stone long lasting and lighter in weight, translating into lower installation and material costs for the consumer, according to Przybylski.

The stone is so durable, TriLite backs its products with a 50-year guarantee.

Products include Minnesota limestone, mountain ledgestone, weatherledge, Hackett, river rock, stackstone, brick veneers, and more.

“All the new retail centers are using manufactured stone in some shape or form,” Przybylski said. “Hotels and restaurants use it a lot. It gives people a lot of designing options.”

Manufactured stone can come in a large variety of colors, and because it is relatively inexpensive, can give more options.

TriLite brought with it 15 employees from the metro area, including production and installation crews.

“All of our employees came with us, and we just hired three new local employees,” Przybylski said.

The company also looks to add more local employees as it expands.

Przybylski is even thinking about moving closer to the business.

“It’s a bit of a trek. I live in Minneapolis, but am looking into possibly relocating more into this area,” Przybylski said.

Future plans also include filling out the building, with room to add on.

“We are not using the entire building, so it gives us an opportunity to grow into the building, as well as extra acres available to build if we need to,” Przybylski said.

For more information, visit the TriLite web site www.trilitestone.com, or call (320) 543-2254.

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