Herald JournalHerald Journal, June 6, 2005

Triple T Race Products looks to flag down local business

By Liz Hellmann
Staff Writer

A legacy of racing passion fueled a father and son’s desire to fill a need in the same drag racing market they competed in.

The result is a business that supplies top-of-the-line racing parts to countries all over the world.

Triple T Race Products is owned and operated by Gene Fasching and his son, Ted. Their business began in Winsted in 1994, but moved to the Howard Lake Industrial Park August.

“As we were racing out there, we saw a need for the things that we make,” Ted said.

Although they do business around the world, the Faschings hope their new location will attract more local business.

The previous building was located in Winsted behind the lumber yards, facing away from the road. The building they are currently leasing is one-third larger, and faces Highway 12 on the east end of town in Howard Lake.

The shop specializes in metal fabrication. Other services include headers, engine tools, tool trays, cylinder head tools, trailer and pit equipment, clutch tools, and blower servicing tools.

Gene’s drag racing career began in the 1960s and lasted for 30 years. Ted has been around the sport his whole life. Both of them raced nationally, and Ted has travelled across the country working on a pit crew.

As they travelled the national racing circuit, the Fashings noticed a growing market for race car parts that wasn’t being filled.

They decided to start their own business to supply those parts, including headers, engine tools, pit equipment, and more.

Although they grew up drag racing, they now manufacture parts for stock cars, go-carts, and cars, in addition to drag race cars.

Approximately 95 percent of Triple T’s business comes from racers out-of-state, including the Netherlands and Australia. The reason is its high-quality parts. “We have the best exhaust header on the market,” Fasching said.

Not only does the quality of its products set Triple T apart, but also its availability.

“We’re just a small shop, so we will take on any jobs, small or large,” Fasching said.

Last year, the team purchased a CNC machine, allowing them to duplicate parts using computer-controlled technology.

“We’re pretty diversified,” Fasching said, “We do a little bit of everything.”

Triple T Race Products’ hours are weekdays 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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