Herald JournalHerald Journal, Feb. 14, 2005

Vintage snowmobile racers coming to Howard Lake

By Lynda Jensen

Nearly 100 vintage snowmobile racers plan to converge on Howard Lake from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 19.

The racers come from the entire region, some of whom are local residents. All own early models of snowmobiles and travel to race as part of the Vintage One Lunger Series, or VOLS.

The races will feature a family fun day, including test rides of the new four stroke Artic Cats by the Delano Sports Center. Awards will be given at the American Legion after the races.

Among familiar Howard Lake names are Jim Benson with a 1970 Snojet SS, Brett and Mary Schlief with a 1973 Open Mod 295 SST, and Troy and Susie Lange with a 1973 295 SST Stock.

“It is addictive,” commented Mary Schlief of the racing.

Many racers use Sno Jet snowmobiles, which are no longer manufactured thus it’s considered a “vintage” sled, Brett Schlief commented.

All vintage sleds lack the features of modern sleds, offering only crude suspension, one cylinder vs. multiple.

Finding parts for a vintage sled can be compared to a treasure hunt.

Used parts can be garnered off snowmobiles in junkyards or anywhere you might find old sleds.

New parts sometimes can be found at dealerships that once carried parts and service for your machine at a time when it wasn’t considered “vintage.”

Some dealerships held on to inventory and this is a rare and sometimes costly find as these parts are no longer manufactured, organizer Mary Schlief said.

It all adds to the challenge and fun of maintaining a vintage sled.

“You will see many different models of snowmobiles; Yamaha, Rupp, Ski Rule, Scorpion, Sno Jet, and Ski Doo,” she said.

“Anyone who enjoys competitive sports, racing, vintage snowmobiles and getting out of the house should find this appealing,” Schlief said.

Local sponsors of the races include Joe’s Sport Shop, Bergie’s Pizza, Walker United Methodist Church, Security State Bank, Gerry’s SuperValu, and the Burkstrand Agency.

Classes in the Vintage One Lunger Series include:

1970 & Older HR Class: Trophies – Points - $15 entry fee

1973 & Older HR-1 Class: Trophies – Payout-Points - $25 entry fee

1973 & Older HR-2 Class: Trophies – Payout–Points, $25 entry fee

1973 & Older – 300 cc HD Class: Trophies – Payout – Points, $25 entry fee

1973 & Older 400 cc HD Class: Trophies – Payout–Points, $25 entry fee

Junior – 400 cc Class: $25 Membership Fee – Trophies-Points, (no entry fee for races)

1973 & Older – 400 MOD Class: Trophies – Payout – Points, $25 entry fee

Powder Puff 400 Class: Trophies – Points $15 entry fee

Seniors/Heavy Weight – 400 Class: Trophies – Points - $15 entry fee (must be 50 and older and/or weigh 250 + lbs.) (new class)

1973 & Older Experimental Class: Trophies–Points - $15 entry fee

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