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December 11, 2006, Herald Journal

At school, we all have to follow the rules


I had the pleasure of visiting with a small group of students from Meredith Huikko’s morning kindergarten class at Delano Elementary School recently.

We sat in the hallway outside the classroom and I asked them questions about the holidays. In the middle of one of my questions, Darren Schuler, elementary school principal, began the morning announcements.

Over the loud speaker, he began to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and I no longer had the children’s attention. One of the boys instructed me that we had to hurry, go to a place where we could see the flag, put our hand over our hearts, and say the pledge.

“It’s the rule and we all have to follow the rules, even you,” he said. Of course, this is exactly what we did. (I wasn’t about to break a school rule.)

Once we finished the pledge, they insisted that we had to wait for the joke of the day. After the giggles stopped, I was able to begin questioning again.

Here are the questions I asked these kindergarteners and their cute answers.

Q: Who decides what holidays we celebrate?

A: 1. The president.

2. Santa Clause.

3. Mom and dad.

4. God.

Q: What do you do every year for the holidays?

A: 1. Get presents.

2. Play with the Christmas lights.

3. Play with my presents.

4. Leave cookies and milk for Santa.

Q: Why do we put up Christmas trees?

A: 1. To show beauty.

2. Because it’s fun.

3. To look nice.

4. To make people happy.

Q: Why does Santa wear red?

A: 1. Because red and white are the color of candy canes.

2. Because he’s Santa Claus.

3. Because those are Christmas colors.

4. He likes red.

Q: Where is the North Pole?

A: 1. Far away from here.

2. I wish I knew, I’d go there now.

3. Not sure but you’d have to drive a plane a long time.

4. Only a sleigh can get you there.

Q: What makes Rudolph’s nose light up?

A: 1. Love.

2. Santa.

3. He was born that way.

4. Light bulbs.

Q: If you were Santa how would you do his job differently?

A: 1. I don’t know, his job is too hard.

2. I’d make more presents.

3. I’d hire more reindeer to fly more sleighs.

4. I’d make the elves work more.

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