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November 6, 2006, Herald Journal

I think we’re in Kansas, Toto


Monday was sort of a strange day for me. The day started as a pleasant, warm and sunny, typical fall day. Then I had an odd errand to run, almost got a speeding ticket, Kansas-type wind arrived, and was greeted by goose do when I got home.

I had to run to an appointment in Mound after work, so I picked up my little guys after school and we were off.

As we were driving, the boys were obnoxiously loud in the back of our truck. Plus, I usually drive the car but it had a flat tire, so I took the truck instead.

The truck, in my opinion, likes to cruise right along quite smoothly, so much so that I was pulled over by a cop!

Now I have to say, it has been at least five years, if not more, since I’ve been pulled over. It was just as I was entering the Mound city limits, and the speed limit changes to 30 miles per hour.

Well the boys just couldn’t believe that their mother would be pulled over; I’ve never been pulled over with the boys in the car. They were quiet as mice! I guess that’s what it takes to get them to take it down a few notches!

The cop was very nice and didn’t ticket me, probably because of my excellent driving record, if I may say so myself. So we went on our merry way, paying attention to the posted speed limits.

This was about the time when the winds really started up. As we drove home, it looked like the early stages of a dust storm in some areas.

Since daylight savings time took effect recently, duck chores are now taking place in the dark. This is always a little depressing but I usually adapt rather quickly.

My lovely geese, that find our concrete surfaces extremely attractive, managed to spread their by-products in the garage, on the sidewalk, the front porch, and the front apron while I was at work on Monday.

So, I was hosing off our “crete” as my husband would call it, in the chilly wind storm, and in the dark. Not a great way to end the day.

We recently purchased some goose repellent that we had just sprayed in the front of our house to keep them off the crete. Obviously it didn’t work, but I think it would be worth mixing a stronger concentration and trying it again.

Otherwise, my geese must be penned because of the waste that seems to be produced every 60 seconds. I mean really, how can they discharge waste at such a rapid rate?

My duck and goose hobby often times creates unwanted and unusual punishment for me. The ducks stay their distance and are not a problem, it’s the geese that make a mess. Unfortunately I really love those geese, they are very friendly, social, and they follow me around.

I didn’t get in the house until about 8 p.m. that windy night. I stayed up late to get things ready for a Halloween school party, and watched my dog cower every time the wind gusts made loud noises against the house.

It always amazes me, the power of nature, and how something you can’t even see, like wind, can blow us around like tumbleweeds!


Tuesday morning, after the cop pulled me over, Little Joe said, out of the blue, “It’s a good thing you have a record Mom, when that cop pulled you over!” I said, “I have a good record, that’s why I didn’t get a ticket. Don’t say ‘a record’ because that doesn’t sound good!”

I had to clarify that. I’m almost positive that his friends at school heard quite a story.