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November 13, 2006, Herald Journal

Heroes in our midst


In the short time that I’ve been here at the Herald Journal, I’ve come in contact with so many individuals who contribute to society, not only locally, but internationally.

Contributions range from social to physical to financial efforts and support.

I’ve heard so many times that everyone has a story, it just never really sunk in fully until now.

The story I wrote about the boy who almost drowned on Halloween night was inspiring to me in several ways.

The local heroes that saved the little boy were truly angelic that night. A higher power absolutely choreographed the steps that were taken to find that little boy.

The little boy, himself, was inspiring. He has a condition that makes him vulnerable to everything, yet he has touched so many people’s lives, without even knowing it.

He brought a neighborhood together that night. Many neighbors who probably never took the time or had the chance to introduce themselves, got to know one another that night.

Other heros in our midst are the veterans and the veterans’ families. I attended a veteran’s dinner and awards ceremony recently that proved to be another learning experience.

There were veterans from the St. Cloud VA hospital there, and they seemed a little low. I was told that they do not like their photos taken, and that I should only take photos of the award recipients.

This made me think about how those veterans perceive themselves. Do they not think they are worthy of recognition, or are they ashamed of their physical appearance?

As I waited to take the photos, I sat at the end of a table by myself. Soon, some very nice people filled in the seats around me, and great conversation took place after that.

I heard some great stories from ladies that are in their 80s of dating and letter-writing to men in World War II.

One lady was in her 90s and looked so fragile, but when some friends brought up a funny story about her, she let out this belly laugh that was unbelievable. I’ve never heard such a laugh from a skinny, little great-grandma!

I left those great people that night feeling like I could’ve listened to their stories for hours.

I give a lot of credit to those that have been separated from their loved ones by war.

My husband is not in the service so I haven’t experienced what it is like to have a husband overseas in the military. He works a lot, but he’s home every night, and I thank God for that.

Recently, my husband went on an eight-day hunting trip, and I felt like a part of me was missing. We’ve been together for 14 years, and I don’t know what I’d do without him.

I really don’t know how spouses or children of those who are in the military function without them. Military families deserve a lot of credit and prayers.

Another story that I will soon be writing is about local people who are missionaries. Wow, what stories they have to tell, and how heroic are their deeds!

Missionary work is something God asks us to do. No matter who or which group does missionary work, every deed is worthwhile to those in need.

I personally haven’t done this type of work, but would like to at some point in my life.

Great things are happening in this rural area, but you wouldn’t know it by watching television news. Keep reading your newspaper, and keep your eyes peeled for local heros, they’re not hard to find.

I remember walking by someone in Winsted who had the name of a metro area business painted on the side of his van. He was talking on his cell phone, and he said, “I’m in the middle of nowhere,” as he continued with his conversation.

I thought to myself, “What a pathetic thing to say - the metro area may offer certain things, but the way of life in rural areas is second to none.”


At a doctor visit, Jacob was studying a poster that illustrates the human body’s central nervous system. You know those posters, a person is outlined, and it depicts what is on the inside of us.

After much contemplation, Jacob said, “See mom, you have to be naked, and then you lay on the table!”