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November 27, 2006, Herald Journal

Let it snow, please


I’m ready for the white stuff to start flying. I do enjoy mild fall days, however, by the first of December I’d like to see some snow on the ground.

Experiencing the outdoors during winter is enjoyable if you have the proper attire, and you choose an activity that keeps the blood moving.

I’m not sure why it took me so long, but I finally bought myself a nice pair of snowpants last winter. What a big difference they make!

Not rocket science, I know, but I just usually put myself last when it comes to certain purchases.

Last week, the snowshoes we ordered for the family arrived. It was so fun to put those snowshoes on, I just can’t wait to try them out on some snow!

The boys thought the snowshoes were so cool that they had to bring them to school to show their friends.

Many weekends in the winter, my family spends hours walking in the woods. There’s something almost magical about a shimmering, snow covered woods.

The dogs love our walks also. If you haven’t gone on winter walks with your family, I strongly suggest it. It creates great family bonding, and even better memories for your kids.

Often during the summer, the boys will ask if we can take a walk in the woods. We keep reminding them that we would get carried away by the mosquitoes if we tried going in there during the summer.

We put most of our outdoor Christmas lights in place last weekend, which is always fun.

I’m a very patient person, so I think this type of putsy work is rather enjoyable, and yes I did 85 percent of it.

Duck and goose update

We decided not to clip the wings of our ducks this year, and they have been flying around our house and land quite a bit.

I will include a picture of this in a future column.

There’s always the risk that they may fly away when given that level of freedom, but they haven’t and chances are they won’t.

As long as they have food and open water, they will stay where they’ve been raised.

Just watching their flights around our land, and how they stay within our field boundaries, is amazing. The feeling that comes with seeing these beautiful ducks that hatched in our basement soar in the sky is worth the risk of them flying away.

The geese, on the other hand, are too big to fly. They can get about three or four feet off the ground for maybe five seconds, but that’s the extent of their abilities.

We still haven’t applied a double dose of the goose repellent around the concrete areas so the geese have been closely monitored when not fenced. Their fenced yard, by the way, is quite large so no need to feel terribly sorry for them.


While making Jell-o jigglers, the boys were looking at the Jello box and the cut-out shapes you can make once the Jell-o is set.

The box pictured Jell-o shapes of a heart, a star, and a crescent moon. Jacob studied the box and said, “Look, you can make a heart, a star, and a fingernail!”