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September 11, 2006, Herald Journal

Children – our youngest teachers


As we are sending many of our precious children off to school for a fresh new school year, let us remember that they, too, have a lot to teach us.

I’d like to share another ABC list, but this time, it describes children and what they really are all about and what we can learn from them on how to live life – with energy and trust, innocence and kindness, curiosity and open mindedness, joy and magic, and with the ability to seize and enjoy the moment.

For these reasons and many more, we should all take time to learn from our smallest teachers and enjoy the moment. They have a lot to teach us.

Children are . . .

Amazing, Acknowledge Them.

Believable, Trust Them.

Childlike, Allow Them.

Divine, Honor Them.

Energetic, Nourish Them.

Fallible, Embrace Them.

Gifts, Treasure Them.

Here Now, Be With Them.

Innocent, Delight With Them.

Joyful, Appreciate Them.

Kindhearted, Learn From Them.

Lovable, Cherish Them.

Magical, Fly With Them.

Noble, Esteem Them.

Open minded, Respect Them.

Precious, Value Them.

Questioners, Encourage Them.

Resourceful, Support Them.

Spontaneous, Enjoy Them.

Talented, Believe In Them.

Unique, Affirm Them.

Vulnerable, Protect Them.

Whole, Recognize Them.

Xtraspecial, Celebrate Them.

Yearning, Notice Them.

Zany, Laugh With Them.

–Written by Meiji Stewart

Create a school craft

Create a personalized pencil topper using alphabet beads or any other beads, spelling your child’s name, an expression, etc. You can also use larger beads for smaller children so they can manipulate the beads more easily.

Items needed: string, alphabet beads or any beads, pencil eraser heads, glue. Put the eraser head on the pencil, put a little glue around the base of the eraser and wrap string around the eraser head, smoothing out the glue.

Cut a piece of string that is about eight inches long and tie a knot in one end and string beads on from the other end so the beads do not fall off. After all the beads are on, tie a knot.

Apply some more glue to the string wrapped around the eraser. Wrap the excess string from the beads around the eraser head, adding more glue if necessary, smoothing with your finger as you go.

This idea is from www.kidsdomain.com.

May your school-aged children enjoy their new school year with curiosity, magic, and yearning for learning. And to all, seize and enjoy the moment(s). Don’t let them pass by. Sometimes, we can’t get them back!