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October 23, 2006, Herald Journal

Glop, slime and muck


My children’s favorite holiday is fast approaching (besides Christmas, Easter and Valentines’ Day), and choosing the perfect creature, figure, animal or thing they want to transform into for the day is certainly part of the fun.

Children love to wear costumes at any time of the year, and they love to feel, touch and squish things.

Of course, Halloween is a time for feeling squishy, gooey things. So here’s a few simple recipes to let those little hands (and big hands too) go.

Make some slime, using two cups white glue (water soluble), two cups water, food colorings and one tsp. Borax (works great for laundry soap too).

In a bowl, mix the glue, one and one-half cups of the water and food coloring. In a separate bowl, dissolve the half cup water and the Borax. Add to the glue mixture.

Now, get your hands in it. Knead the slime to get it to mix. This will take a few minutes.

Store the slime or gunk concoction in a plastic zip bag. Be careful, though, very slimy slime can get stuck on fabric, hair, etc.

Create some “Glop” by mixing one-half cup liquid starch mixed with one-half cup white liquid school glue. Allow the concoction to stand for about five minutes or until the glue absorbs the liquid starch. Remove putty from the bowl and knead.

Magic muck is made by mixing about one-third cup water and drops of food coloring. Add three-fourth cup of cornstarch to water mixture. Don’t stir though; let the mixture stand a few minutes, and then pick up a handful of the muck and squeeze it until it forms a hard ball. Open your hand and muck will turn from a solid ball back into a liquid – that’s part of the fun!

How about making some paint that the kids can actually consume?

Pudding paint. Using one large package of instant pudding (3.4 oz.) and two cups of ice-cold water, whisk together in a bowl for two minutes. Refrigerate for five minutes and allow your children to get their hands in the puddin’ and paint on a paper plate or some wax paper.

Make sure your children wash their hands before painting with the pudding, so they can eat some of their paint while creating their wonderful pudding masterpieces. I have done this with my children, and they love it.

Goblins, ghosts and bats

How about creating some goblins, ghosts and bats or any other creature your child can scheme up out of some fabric and stuffing?

Cut one-half yard of fabric. Green (goblin), black (bat), white (ghost) or any other color or print you may have or get from the clearance rack at a department store into three squares.

My children love creating things out of fabric. We always check the clearance rack, and have been getting fabric for $1 a yard.

Put a small rubber ball or some balled up newspaper (not the Herald Journal, of course) in center of each square; tie with fabric scrap, yarn, etc., and glue on google eyes, rickrack or yarn mouth and add some ears with felt if making a goblin, bat or other creature, or just use a marker to make the face.

Hang the creatures on the branches of a tree to decorate your yard in Halloween décor or play a creature toss game with the creatures by tossing the creatures in a bucket or plastic caldron, standing a certain distance away.

Goblin toss idea from: Parenting, Oct., 2006

A simple Halloween treat

This is a repeat recipe from last year, but worth the repeat because it is simple, and kids like it for a fun Halloween treat.

Make some witches’ hats with some Bugle brand snack, spread cheese or cheese in a can and round snack crackers.

Spread cheese on crackers, and top each cracker with a bugle to make the witches’ hats.

Idea from: www.funroom.com/halloween/


“We should seize every opportunity to give encouragement. Encouragement is oxygen to the soul.”

–George M. Adams.