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December 18, 2006, Herald Journal

Holiday happiness


I enjoy poetry and how it is able to convey a message with select and carefully chosen words. This poem (Santa’s Reminder

Help teach children the meaning of Christmas. Bake a cake with your children and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. Read the Christmas story, either from a book or the Bible.

Have a nativity scene on display, and if possible allow your children to be able to touch it and the figures.

A personalized gift idea

Here’s a wonderful personalized gift your child could make for another child or you could make for your child: using a paint stir stick, three clothespins, paint and glue, create an artwork holder.

Paint the paint stir stick whatever color you choose or your child thinks would be appropriate for the recipient.

Paint the clothes pins another color if you like. Once the paint is dry, glue the three clothespins onto the stir stick making sure they are evenly spaced across the width of the stick.

With paint or permanent marker, personalize your project. You could write, “Look what (child’s name) made…” evenly spaced across the stick.

Attach a magnet strip to the back of the stir stick for a fridge magnet or staple a piece of ribbon at each end to hang on the wall for a wonderful way to display a child’s art work or school papers.

– http://familycrafts.about.com

Holiday tip

Remember during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, if you see your children beginning to get stressed, try to spend some quiet time with them before the situation gets out of control as can happen to all of us, especially during this time of year.

Take a breather. Stop for a healthy snack (carrots and dip, peanut butter and celery, yogurt and granola, etc.), a game or some time for reading.

– Tip from: www.ehow.com

Have a most blessed holiday season.