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Jan. 23, 2006, Herald Journal

Dogs are a girl’s best friend


In November, I moved in with a friend of mine that I’ve known for some time but we had never been close until we took a trip to WE Fest together in August.

Anyway, I’ve been to her house east of Darwin a couple of times in the past and she has two Dachshunds or wiener dogs as they are so commonly called.

Well, the little ankle-biters scared me. They’d bark and growl at me and Freddy even bit me in the leg once (just slightly, but enough to rub me the wrong way).

When my now roommate, Angie, invited me to move in, I was a bit reluctant only because I was afraid of her dogs.

Angie had always told me I would get used to them and end up adoring them, and I just laughed.

So I moved in. She explained to me that one of the dogs, Oscar, had broken his back a year ago and I had to be very careful with him.

So here I am thinking I’m going to accidentally kill this dog when she’s not around.

It wasn’t soon after I moved in that I loved those two dogs. When I get home from work, I let the dogs out before Angie gets home, and then we go lay on the couch and snuggle together.

Dachshunds are trained to dig in holes and retrieve badgers, so they enjoy crawling under a warm blanket.

These dogs love their mommy, so when she gets home, it’s all about her. So I have to take advantage of the time I have with the dogs when she’s not around!

It’s so hard not to love these dogs. Freddy is the older one. Angie has had him for about 12 years and is very protective, so he can be a bit ornery with new people. Oscar is only seven but is a bit fatter than Freddy. Aside, they are both a bunch of babies.

With Oscar’s back problem, we have to make sure he doesn’t jump off the couch, because that’s hard on his back and how he broke his back in the first place (which they are apparently prone to).

Upon entering the house, there are two ramps going up and down both sets of stairs. This was made when Oscar had first broken his back, so he wouldn’t have to travel up and down the steps.

Well, they both still use these ramps and it’s funny when they go down them. Oscar will slide down the ramp so fast it looks like he’s going to ram right into the wall at the bottom of the ramp, although he never does.

Dachshunds are also known to have attachment disorders so everytime Angie leaves the room, Oscar is right behind her.

Every time either one of us takes a shower Oscar has to come and lay on the floor in the bathroom. If for some reason, we forget him, he will scratch on the door until we let him in.

And every dog likes treats, right? Well, every time the dogs go out side to go potty, the dogs have to have a treat. So they run up the ramp and stand by the fridge and Freddy barks and jumps in excitement.

Well, the normal doggie treat would be a biscuit or a bone, but not for these dogs.

These dogs like their carrots. Yes, they love carrots! I don’t know where or when this began, but it’s good to know their eyes will be healthy.

I’ve always liked big dogs. I grew up with a German Sheperd. He was my buddy. I never liked little dogs because they had a bad reputation of being ankle biters. Well, now I have a new found respect and adoration for them.

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