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Feb. 20, 2006, Herald Journal

A capella – talented and funny


I have never been to an a cappella concert before. In fact, the only group I had heard was the guys who sang “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego,” which didn’t leave a great impression.

Tonic Sol-fa on the other hand, was quite impressive. Four talented, attractive, young men-what’s not to like?

I didn’t plan on going to the concert at the PAC last Saturday, but I got asked to help sell CDs in return for seeing the group. Who could pass that up?

I wasn’t sure what the concert would be like. I thought I would just be sitting in my seat listening to these guys sing songs that I had never heard of. That definitely wasn’t the case.

These guys know how to entertain (aside from the blinding light shining in my eyes at times). They not only were talented but hilariously funny also.

For example, one of the songs they sang was “Cecilia,” and instead of “making love in the afternoon,” they were “making lunch in the afternoon” to accommodate young ears.

The audience really got involved with every song they sang. I was surprised at all the cover songs they played. It’s nice, especially when the songs are recognizable.

They did sing some of their songs too, which helped in their CD sales.

They even included audience participation. “Darrel from Darwin” was the lucky guy.

He was asked where Darwin was... “Oh yeah, we fly into the Darwin international airport when we perform here,” they said.

Low and behold, Darrel was a retired trust officer, so the guys had to make fun of that.

“So what is that?” “Officer, this man doesn’t trust me.”

And, “So, what’s Darwin known for?” The biggest ball of twine of course.

“Someone had a lot of time on their hands.” “Is it protected? Are there security guards in front of it?”

The group made fun of Darwin and Darrel in a friendly but absolutely amusing way.

I liked that they used familiar things to joke about.

For example, Shaun, the lead singer was announcing their CDs were on sale “in...Hutchinson,” because there’s no where to buy them here!

The concert went way too fast. I guess time flies when you’re having fun.

After the concert, the guys were kind enough to hang out and sign autographs.

I stood in line with my new copy of their recent CD, “Boston to Bejiing.” They all signed it and were very friendly. Shaun even commented he liked my hair! Probably because it looked so much like his!

I thought there was a good turnout, and they should definitely come back again. They can fly into Darwin international airport...if it’s not too busy!

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