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March 20, 2006, Herald Journal

Seek similarities not differences

There are many things that segregate us as human beings including but not limited to, our skin color, political beliefs, and religion.

I believe it’s a part of our nature to see differences among people, but judging them on those differences isn’t our nature.

For example, I was telling a friend a story of a black man who I encountered, why I had to identify him as black is beyond me. If I had spoken to a white man, I wouldn’t say “I talked to this white guy today and he said...” I’m not racist, but for some reason I still saw color.

Recently, my religion has been on my mind. I was born and raised Catholic not knowing much about any other religion, and I liked it that way.

I never criticized others for being another religion, I just saw them as people who went to church but didn’t get to drink real wine (I never did understand grape juice).

It’s normal to ask people what church they attend, like it makes any bit of difference. But it does state the religion in the name, which I think could be avoided. So when someone tells you what church they attend, you automatically get what denomination they are as well.

All that matters is that we are Christians. It doesn’t matter if you’re Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran or Presbyterian. I understand each church believes different things, but I don’t believe one should be classified as better than the other. As long as we believe in a common goal, we are much more similar than different.

The Bible doesn’t state a particular religion. God did not create organized religion, man did. I feel if you believe Christ died for your sins and He is your Savior it shouldn’t matter to others how you practice it.

I’m not condoning any church. I feel people should have a church they are comfortable with in which they can worship and praise God, but it shouldn’t matter what the denomination is.

History shows religion has been the root of many wars. I don’t believe this was God’s intentions. If we all believe in one thing, how are we then, so different?

I was recently asked, “How do Catholics get to heaven?” Well, I hadn’t thought about it before. I didn’t realize Catholics had a different means of transportation.

I always thought as long as I was a good Christian and treated everyone with respect, I wouldn’t have a problem getting there. Apparently there’s more to it than that.

I’m afraid to state my religion because I don’t want to be condemned for my beliefs.

So, next time I am asked what religion I am I’ll just say, “I am a Christian.” That is all that matters.

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