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April 10, 2006, Herald Journal

April showers bring May flowers


Spring: Coming soon to a city near you. The air is different. It’s beginning to smell fresh like spring air. There’s no more snow and hopefully no more to come. Soon, the grass will be green and flowers will be blooming, and I will be wearing...sandals.

Ah...sandals, a many splendid thing. I love my flip-flops. One in each color. Why not? Two for $5 at Old Navy, who could pass that up? I would wear them all year if I new I wouldn’t get frost bite and if my feet weren’t as white as snow.

Sandals were a great invention. Tying shoe laces is getting old. Also, I’m a freak for tank tops. That might be awhile before I crack those out though.

After five months of sweaters and turtlenecks, summer clothes are looking dreamy. Any wardrobe for that length of time can become unbearable.

The possibility of walking outside without a coat is becoming more of a reality and mittens are no longer required for healthy, warm hands.

Oh, and the ability to walk outside for a lengthy amount of time, might help me lose that thick winter skin I’ve acquired in the past five months.

Green will soon be a plentiful color instead of white. White never was a good color for me! Since I don’t have a winter sport of choice, it’s a pretty worthless season for me. Except for Christmas, but that’s over before winter has even begun.

Rain may be dreary, but at least it’s more promising than snow. Flowers and green grass and buds on trees, ah...life will be good again.

And the dirt. What’s with the dirt? I thought snow was clean, how does so much dirt accumulate during the winter months? Rain will wash that away though.

No more salt on cars either. Now I can spend money on a car wash without worrying my beautiful silver car will be a dirty white one.

Ah...and the times of cruising Main with the top down (or in my case, the windows open) will be exhilarating.

Attitudes quickly change also. People will be more cheerful with the warm sun shining on them. No more Seasonal Affect Disorder makes for better moods all around.

Spring and summer I must say are my favorite months. If only they were a bit longer, Minnesota wouldn’t be such a bad place to live.

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