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May 1, 2006, Herald Journal

Get rid of gas guzzling SUVs


Bush has directed the Justice Department to investigate price-gouging at the pumps.

With Exxon Mobile making $46 billion dollars in profits last year, I hardly doubt supply and demand is an issue for them.

They say there is a shortage of oil, but why should that affect prices when their profits are so outrageous? You can’t tell me they are suffering.

Price-gouging could be a possibility, but sources say that will be hard to prove.

Bush has control and it’s about time he does something about it.

Gas prices affect everyone and not just at the pump. This will affect farmers, airline tickets and everything we buy at the store that is transported.

The only good thing about high gas prices are the people who thought they needed a Chevy Suburban or an Excursion are getting a payback for polluting the air. I hope this will prevent people from buying such vehicles and think more conservatively.

An article in the Star Tribune stated that analysts are predicting sales on SUVs and trucks will decline, but to counter that, manufacturers are offering large incentives on bigger vehicles.

Vehicle incentives for trucks and SUVs were $1,650 higher than cars in March, which is the widest spread ever, according to Bank of America analyst Ron Tadross.

The savings may seem like a good deal at the time but the money spent on gas will by far exceed the savings received at the time of purchase.

With buyers choosing alternative to SUVs the demand of gasoline will eventually decrease. Just something to think about when purchasing a new vehicle.

I understand some of these vehicles may be a necessity. For example, a family of five needs a larger vehicle, but they do make vans for this reason which have much better gas mileage.

It shouldn’t be about wanting an SUV because they are cool; we have to be more aware of the world around us.

I was just informed my brother’s girlfriend will be buying a scooter with her tax money.

She informed me, it will get 80 miles to the gallon. With mostly city driving, this is a good alternative for her.

I can just see her with my brother on the back buzzing to church on Sunday mornings!

When gas prices went up this last year, it was amazing how many SUVs I saw for sale along the highways.

Hopefully this will make people realize we need to conserve more and that may mean changing our lifestyles a bit.

I recently moved to Hutchinson and this means I have to drive 44 miles a day. This takes a toll on my checkbook big time, not to mention the driving I do for work. Now, I think twice when my friends want me to come and hangout in St. Cloud for the night, when I had been driving back and forth from there every weekend just a year ago.

I compulsively watch my gas gauge and hope I won’t have to fill up more than once a week because I get 26 miles to the gallon on average.

I am more conscious of where and when I drive somewhere.

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